Monday, August 20, 2012

A letter from R.

My love, N.'s husband is acting really weird lately. I think he lost his mind. I woke up last night and saw something moving in the dark. I turned on the lights and it was N.'s husband in my bed room, he was holding a doll and he was looking at me with a strange smile on his face.  

"I have your child" he said! 

Then he went downstairs, opened the fridge and asked me if I had any milk?  
I was so scared I couldn't say a word. He left the doll fall from his hands and went away. 
I don't know how long he was in our house. I was so scared. 
 My love, I am so afraid that when you come back you won't be the same. 

A letter from R.

So I spoke with N.'s husband. He really looks different. He smiled all the time but looked strange. The war changed him. He didn't speak about anything. He just looked at us and smiled. When I asked when was the last time he saw you and if you were OK he just smiled and started singing a stupid war song. Then he told me not to worry and that everything will be fine.  
I don't trust him...

A letter from R.

I saw my friend N. this morning. She was in a hurry and looked very happy. I asked her were she was going and she told me her husband had come back. I hope this means that the war is over and that I will see you soon my love!

A letter from R. 

I am sending you this picture of our wedding.
I love you. I want our child back but I am scared that I won't see you again... 
please come back soon...

A letter from R.

Our house, our rainbow, our love was burnt yesterday by Krampus.
Have you forgotten that when you went to save other people's children you left a child behind? Yesterday I saw him again, his ugly hand touched me and you were not here. He took her from me and you were not here. You were not here. You were not here
 I just wish we both die soon so we can meet again. 

A letter from R.
Like a rainbow, like a thunder, like an angel. 
There is life after death.
Come and sleep with me forever after the war is over. 
I will keep our house safe, I will keep it warm. I will be waiting for you. 
Our home, our rainbow, our thunder, our angel.

A letter from R. :

My love, I have become death. 
This is not war, this is not war. This is not you, this is not me anymore. 
Come back and bring me my life. 
Do you really want to save children with no future and no past? 
Only our love lives now. 
Please let them die.

"Usually she masqueraded as Satan or a wolf! 
Then one day as she was staring into space, I saw her doodle on a headstone! 
The puzzled expression on her face made her drawings look like a story of imaginary events with cryptic messages! 

She was the weediest woman I've ever seen! Her body looked like the fossilized remains of a prehistoric plant. She was sitting cuddling the headstone, crying over spilt milk!

An insoluble problem she said and then she dropped her voice to a whisper and told me a story quite unreal! She was staring into space again and she still had that puzzled expression! Then she gave me a wolf mask and a strange tingling sensation!

"There is a family history of insanity", said a teapot oddly enough! An insoluble problem, a Godless serpent which is formed by foul smoke in the skies of Uglyland."