Monday, August 20, 2012

"Usually she masqueraded as Satan or a wolf! 
Then one day as she was staring into space, I saw her doodle on a headstone! 
The puzzled expression on her face made her drawings look like a story of imaginary events with cryptic messages! 

She was the weediest woman I've ever seen! Her body looked like the fossilized remains of a prehistoric plant. She was sitting cuddling the headstone, crying over spilt milk!

An insoluble problem she said and then she dropped her voice to a whisper and told me a story quite unreal! She was staring into space again and she still had that puzzled expression! Then she gave me a wolf mask and a strange tingling sensation!

"There is a family history of insanity", said a teapot oddly enough! An insoluble problem, a Godless serpent which is formed by foul smoke in the skies of Uglyland."

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